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  • Cataracts
    Cataracts is a clouding of the lens in the eyes, which causes a blurriness to vision. It can make it extremely diffucult to see through normal day activities and tasks. Read more
  • Astigmatism
    What is Astigmatism? Astigmatism is a condition of the eye that is very common amongst 3 million Americans. It is a condition that cause an imperfect curvature of the eye. It Read more
  • Dry Eye
    Dr. Sampalis is an optometrist who's gained her experience through out the years from working with companies such as: Lense Crafters, Sears and other various eye care offices. Sampalis Eye Read more
  • Quality Eye Care in Cranston, RI
    Whether you are in need of an eye exam, new frames, or contacts, Sampalis Eye Care here in Cranston, RI is the perfect place for you.  Dr. Sampalis provides quality Read more
  • Contact Lenses Offered in Cranston RI
    Contact lenses offered at a discounted price with rebate offer! Read more
  • CooperVision Contact Lenses Offer in Cranston RI
    Similar to the offer of $200 dollars off coopervision contact lenses, on these other brands of lenses you could save up to about $130 dollars on your lenses like: $130 Read more
  • Doctor of Optometry in Rhode Island
    The professionalism of our optometrist is at your service. Dr. Sampalis is a eye doctor who graduated from The New England College of Optometry with a degree in Doctor of Read more
  • Sampalis Eye Care Cranston
    At Sampalis Eye Care in Cranston, We have a few different kinds of frames to choose from which ranges from metal framing to plastic type of framing. Also don't forget Read more
  • Sampalis EyeCare has high quality lenses
    Sampalis EyeCare in Cranston RI offers Blue Light lenses. Blue lights are digital devices that emit higher levels of blue light and this excess can cause eyestrain, fatigue, and eventually Read more
  • Optical in Cranston Rhode Island: Afforadable Eye Glasses
    Sampalis Eye Care in Cranston Rhode Island. Has affordable eye glasses for your whole family. Brands like cole haan, calvin klein, gucci, ray bans and other known brands that you Read more
  • Blue Light and your Eyes.html
    Smartphones, computers, and even televisions have permeated our lives, and they are not going anywhere. Did you know that every one of these technologies contain blue light? Blue light is Read more
  • Sampalis EyeCare and Cataracts
    At Sampalis Eyecare in Cranston Rhode Island we can diagnosis and monitor your cataracts. What is Cataracts? Cataracts are a normal aging process of the lens in your eye. Starting at the Read more
  • What is Glaucoma?
    Have you ever wondered what is Glaucoma? At Sampalis Eyecare, your Rhode Island optometrist located in Cranston, we have the latest technology to evaluate your eyes and determine if you Read more
  • Designer Eyewear in Cranston RI
    Your eyes are important. Treat them right. When you want to look your best you need to find the best quality affordable eyewear and Sampalis Eyecare in Cranston RI has Read more
  • Quality Eye Exams in Cranston RI
    At Sampalis Eyecare in Cranston Rhode Island, we pride ourselves at providing the best quality eye exams in Rhode Island. We have the latest technology, such as retinal photography, GDX, Read more
  • Sunglass for Kids
    Children usually get more sun exposure than anyone because of being outdoors more. UV light can harm the eyes over time because the lenses in their eyes can't filter it out. Sunglasses are needed Read more

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  • "Awesome doctor. Very professional, very personable, and very efficient. Sent my whole family to her and they all agree."
    Gina M. / Cranston, RI

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