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  • Blue Light and your Eyes.html
    Smartphones, computers, and even televisions have permeated our lives, and they are not going anywhere. Did you know that every one of these technologies contain blue light? Blue light is Read more
  • Sampalis EyeCare and Cataracts
    At Sampalis Eyecare in Cranston Rhode Island we can diagnosis and monitor your cataracts. What is Cataracts? Cataracts are a normal aging process of the lens in your eye. Starting at the Read more
  • What is Glaucoma?
    Have you ever wondered what is Glaucoma? At Sampalis Eyecare, your Rhode Island optometrist located in Cranston, we have the latest technology to evaluate your eyes and determine if you Read more
  • Designer Eyewear in Cranston RI
    Your eyes are important. Treat them right. When you want to look your best you need to find the best quality affordable eyewear and Sampalis Eyecare in Cranston RI has Read more
  • Quality Eye Exams in Cranston RI
    At Sampalis Eyecare in Cranston Rhode Island, we pride ourselves at providing the best quality eye exams in Rhode Island. We have the latest technology, such as retinal photography, GDX, Read more
  • Sunglass for Kids
    Children usually get more sun exposure than anyone because of being outdoors more. UV light can harm the eyes over time because the lenses in their eyes can't filter it out. Sunglasses are needed Read more
  • What is Presbyopia?
    Find yourself squinting at the newspaper? It’s natural to gain new strains, aches, and pains as one ages. Presbyopia is a disorder in which over time one loses the ability Read more
  • Solar Ecilpse in Rhode Island
    You ... Sampalis Eyecare in Cranston Rhode Island is concerned for the eyesight of all Americans on Monday, Aug 21, 2017.  Every person young or old MUST know that there is NO Read more
  • Cranston Eye Doctor
    Dr Maria Sampalis a Cranston Optometrist is able to help with all your eyecare needs. Do you know that millions of people suffer from myopia? What is myopia? Myopia is a Read more

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  • "Awesome doctor. Very professional, very personable, and very efficient. Sent my whole family to her and they all agree."
    Gina M. / Cranston, RI

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