• April 1, 2022
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Maintain Good Eye Health

Seeing your eye doctor regularly is always the best way to maintain good eye health. According to studies, only about half of the population in the United States actually sees their eye doctor annually. There’s lots of benefits when seeing your eye doctor.

1. Early diagnosis of eye diseases
If there is family history of eye diseases it’s always essential to see an eye care provider. Many diseases don’t show early symptoms, eye exams could help diagnose the disease early on and help treat it in the early stages.
2.New diagnosis on diabetes
Diabetes can lead to eye problems that will affect your vision. Getting your regular 6 month check ups is a way to prevent these problems from happening.
3. Headaches
Headaches are a common complaint for people and sometimes the reason for headaches is for having problems within the eye. It could either be straining in the eyes or the wrong prescription was placed before. It’s always best to see an eye care provider to help rule out these issues.
4. Never had a standard eye exam
If you’ve never had a standard eye exam it’s best to start now. If you’re over the age of 40 this is especially true. There are more vision problems when you start getting older. Getting a standard eye exam can help noticing those changes.
Consider all these benefits when wanting to schedule an eye exam! We are open 3 days a week in Cranston, RI 02910!